Welcome to My Family Web Doctor  

Our service is dedicated to patients and clients who need and want personal contact with their own medical practitioners but may be isolated either because of illness or distance. Our service aims to bring the medical practitioner and patient to each other virtually, in a safe, easy to access and reliable system that is capable of being tailored to the needs of both.

A Holistic Service

This service is not a substitute or replacement for one to one contact with your own medical practitioner. It does however enhance opportunities, wherever you are in the World, to for both Medical Practitioners and Patients  to maintain personal contact in a secure environment across the Internet.

Integrated Booking and Scheduling

  • Integrated booking and scheduling
  • Email notfications to GPs, Patients, Administrators and Specialists.
  • One click activation of the video consult from the booking system or email.
  • Patient self booking options

Integrated Videoconferencing

  • No software or app required
  • Compatible with all current web browsers
  • Built in security options including
    • Arbitrary password requirement
    • Virtual Waiting Rooms
    • Optional end to end encryption
  • Picture in Picture
  • Document sharing
  • Chat Windows

Integrated Billing

  • A complete online billing system for the practice/doctor
  • Includes: 
    • Medicare
    • Private Billing
    • Private Insurance Providers
  • Automated billing and patient refund facilities

A Different Philosophy

MyFamilyWebDoctor is a project dedicated to building and integrating digital health connectivity that integrates into medical practices and the way that patients interact with them, not the other way around. Based in the heart of Regional Victoria we understand the tyrannies of distance and the importance of evolving with our clients and theire clients.

We're not about a static off the shelf software product to which you and your practice adapt. We're about integrating and evolving and growing the online services you need now and into the future. Our team knows about our technology, your team knows about your practice and profession. We'd like to become part of your team.